Two Add-Ons That Can Protect Your Roof And Home

Your roof is a very large part of your house and protects your family each day from the elements. That's why it's in your best interest to give it some attention every so often and ensure that it's in good shape and can continue to shield you. In addition to regular maintenance tasks, you may want to consider the following things you can put on the roof so that your roof and home are better protected.

Rain Gutter Covers

You have probably spent some time on a ladder clearing out the twigs, branches, dead leaves and other items that end up in the gutters of your house. That debris can make it impossible for water to flow, which can cause problems for the roof itself, so it's important that the gutters remain clear. To give yourself a break and prevent buildup in your gutters, you can simply purchase a rain gutter cover.

These covers, also called gutter guards, are typically slotted pieces that you can put on top of existing gutters. That way, water can get into the gutters but leaves and other things cannot. You'll still have to clear debris away, but with gutter covers you don't have to worry that pooling water is already causing trouble for your roof. Your roof can maintain its integrity and water will drain properly.


Roof overhangs typically require a contractor to come out and in a sense, extend your roof.  Many houses don't have much in the way of overhangs and some ultra-modern homes can sometimes have none. However, choosing to have overhangs put on your roof or having them widened can be beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Providing better protection of siding, windows and walls from wind, snow and rain
  • Providing shade for windows so that sun doesn't overheat the home
  • Providing more distance from the foundation so water runs down roof gutters and downspouts

If you live in a two-story house, you may find that a small roof overhang on top of your front door will provide you with much more protection when approaching the door in the snow or rain and need to fumble with your keys for a moment before you unlock the door.

These two add-ons can help with maintenance and comfort so that your roof and home are better taken care of. Consult with roofing contractors in the area who can easily address these issues so that you can reap the benefits.