3 Structural Problems That Affect Homes With Slab Foundations

Foundation issues that cause structural damage affect millions of homes every year. Finished basements are often talked about due to the unique problems in a basement below the grade level. Problems also affect homes built on crawl space and slab foundations. Sometimes, concrete slab problems get overlooked until a problem has grown into serious structural damage. Here are some of the foundation issues that can affect your slab foundation.

1. Eroding Soils Caused by Poor Exterior Drainage and Watershed Design

It is important for soils around your home to be stable, and to have a good watershed design in landscaping for drainage. Water that drains around the foundation causes washout beneath slab foundations, and can eventually lead to cracks as loads put too much stress on the concrete that supports the structure. To repair these problems, the soil beneath your home needs to be stabilized using concrete grouting techniques, and then the foundation repairs can be done. In addition, correct drainage problems to prevent erosion in the future.

2. Improper Footings That Cause Cracks and Settling Issues with Foundations

Sometimes, the issues with concrete slabs are caused by poor craftsmanship or designs. If a structural load is not correctly supported by concrete footing beams, your home will begin to settle and the concrete will crack. To correct these problems, correct footings need to be installed to support structural loads. In addition, grouting may be used to support poorly compact soils beneath a failing foundation.

3. Soft Soils and Sinking Slab Foundations with Cracks Caused by Uneven Settling

In some areas with mostly soft soils, it is difficult to create foundation beams with solid support. As your home ages, it will start to settle in the soft soils, which is fine if the settling happens evenly without putting stress on the structure. The problem with soft soils is when different structural loads cause uneven settling. The uneven settling eventually causes cracks when structural loads become too much for the foundation. To repair these problems, the foundation needs to be jacked up and piers installed to stop the settling. In addition, post tension concrete systems may be used to prevent uneven settling with concrete slabs.

These are some of the slab issues that may affect your home if you have a concrete slab foundation. Contact a foundation repair company to help with solutions such as soil stabilization, post-tension or pier jacking concrete repairs.