Dealing With Lead Paint In A House

Old houses are exciting to invest in because they have so much history and can be renovated with a modern twist. However, when you begin renovating an old house, it might come with a few surprises that need to be taken care of. For example, paint that has lead in it is one of the things that is commonly found in older homes. The bad thing about such paint is that it can be dangerous, especially if small children live with you. In this article, you will learn a few important things about lead paint in houses and a good replacement option.

The Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead paint is dangerous to keep in your house because it can cause numerous health problems. For instance, high blood pressure, headaches, and memory loss are some of the problems lead paint can cause. Lead from the paint can enter your bloodstream from accidentally ingesting contaminated dust, as well as from eating the paint. Small children can put chipped lead paint in their mouth without your knowledge and experience severe symptoms. Lead pain symptoms in young children can include the inability to learn properly, slow growth, and brain damage.

Lead Paint Removal

It is not a good idea to purchase tools for paint removal and take care of the task on your own. Professional help is needed because lead paint must be removed with more caution than other types. The reason why is because the removal process might involve paint dust that has lead floating around. A professional will properly seal off the areas that have lead paint to contain the dust, which might include detaching the air ducts if there is an HVAC system in the house. The floors might also be covered with plastic to prevent lead paint particles from getting trapped between cracks of wood or in carpet fibers.

A Good Replacement Paint Option

If you have not decided which type of paint to replace the lead paint with, opt for the type that is easy to clean. For example, you can opt for latex paint if you want the ability to scrub away dirt, crayons, and other things without causing damage. Latex paint is good for your house even if you have not children, as you never know when a friend might stop there with their children. There is no need for you to worry about the latex paint containing lead. Modern household paint products are no longer manufactured with lead.  

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