3 Tips To Keep Mold At Bay After Your Home Has Been Flooded

After your home has been flooded, one of the major concerns is that mold can show up months after restorations are completed. It is important that you have restoration professionals do the cleaning to ensure that there is little possibility of mold growth when repairs are completed. Doing the cleaning process correctly after a flood will reduce the chances of having mold problems develop in your home. Here are some tips to help with the cleanup process after flooding to prevent the mold from growing:

1. The Damaged Materials That Harbor Hidden Dangers

One of the biggest problems when your home has been flooded is the materials that absorb water. These materials do not only absorb the water in your home, but they also absorb mold spores and other contaminates that can be found in flood waters. When you are doing restoration work to your home, you will want to remove materials like carpet, dry wall, and wood finishes. These materials are most likely to cause problems with mold and hazardous contamination in your home.

2. Cleaning and Treating the Structure for Mold Spores

You will want to remove the materials first and then clean the areas of your home that have been flooded. Contact a professional water damage restoration service to clean the structural components of your home. Industrial strength cleaners should be used that kill off mold and other organisms that can grow in the pours of wood and other materials. Have the restoration service treat materials with wood framing and other organic materials with a mold inhibitor treatment to prevent future problems with mold growth in your home.

3. Drying Your Home Out to Completely Remove Any Moisture

For mold to grow in your home, it needs to have a source of moisture, so the last step in cleaning up the flood should be drying everything out. You want to make sure your home is well ventilated and use fans to circulate air to remove any moisture that may still be in areas of your home. In addition, make sure that water cannot get back in your home from leaks or mechanical problems.

These are some tips to help with the restoration process to prevent mold from coming back after you have finished renovations. If your home has been severally damaged by flooding, contact a water damage restoration service, such as Arkansas Restoration Services Inc, to help with repairs to ensure that you do not have mold problems later.