Remodeling With Classic Style Using Antiques: 3 Ideas For Remodeling Trends In Modern Homes

If you are going to be investing in renovations to your home, updating kitchens and bathrooms are remodeling projects that add value to your home. Today, the trends in designs are a great way to give your home the features you want. For kitchens, you will want to have plenty of space and preparation areas, while a bathroom is somewhere where you may want to have a little more personal touch to the design. Here are some remodeling trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling that you may want to consider for renovations to your home:

1. Restoring Old Marble and Giving It a New Purpose

Marble is one of the best choices of materials to use for solid surfaces. It is a durable material that can be restored by having it polished. If you have marble in your home, there are marble cleaning and restoration services that can help give these materials new life. In addition, there are many antique marble materials that can be used in your remodeling projects. If you choose to use antique marble materials, have it checked out by a marble restoration professional to give it a new shine again.

2. Adapting Antique Furniture to Use as Cabinetry in Remodeling

Reusing antique furniture for cabinetry is a great way to add trendy style to your home. In bathrooms, this is a great solution to give your interior design more of a classy look with a bowl sink to top of a vanity. This is a good way to give a new home with a traditional design features that look like they have been around for years. You can combine these features with restored lighting to give your interior design more of a traditional and classic look.

3. Using Antique Materials Like Windows and Doors for Remodeling Accents

Re-purposing old materials has become trendy and even has a name; upcycling. In remodeling, this trend is used with windows and doors, which are a great choice to give your interior design a traditional look. If you want to have glass cabinet doors over kitchen or bathroom shelving, consider restoring an antique wood window and installing hinges on it for an interesting look.

These are some of the kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends that you may want to consider for the renovations to your home. Contact a marble restoration service to help with giving old solid surfaces new life so you can use them in your restorations.