How Should Rust On The Outside Of An RV Be Treated?

Your RV is your home away from home that will probably take you on many fun-filled excursions, but just like any other vehicle, an RVs exterior can pay the price after season upon season of use. From deicing agents to road grime, all of this gunk can take a toll on the exterior of your RV, and you may start to notice some spots of rust. If you have noticed some rusty spots on your RV, the faster you can handle the situation, the better off your vehicle will be. Here is a look at how you should handle spots of rust on the outside of your RV. 

Carefully clean the rusted areas

Before you attempt to cover or mend the rusted areas, it is important to first carefully clean them. You will probably want to grab a good heavy-bristled scrub brush and possible a pressure washer for this task. The goal is to slough away as much of the loose-particle rust and dirt as possible. Don't get too crazy with your scrubbing efforts, as you don't want to cause more damage, but you do need to scrub and spray enough that you get rid of anything loose. 

Coat the area with a rust converter product

Rust converters are a type of enamel spray or paint that goes on rusty areas and converts the present rust to a hardened material that will prevent further corrosion. You can pick up rust converter products pretty much anywhere, but an RV supply shop will probably have some of the better products available. You must make sure that you only apply rust converter once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, however. Otherwise, the process will not work and the product will flake away after drying. 

Consider taking your RV to a professional

It is fairly simple to tackle problems with rust on the undercarriage of the RV, but if it is a conspicuous area of the body that has developed rust, it would be best to take the RV to a professional who does bodywork repair. While you can likely tackle the rust to prevent it from spreading, what you can't do without the right tools and skills is cover the rust so your RV does not end up looking like a splotchy painted mess. A good RV bodywork pro can stop the rust and make sure the area gets the proper mending so it still looks its best. 

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