Three Types Of Damage Foundation Inspections Look For

Foundation inspections are an important part of your home's maintenance, and are something that should be done if you are thinking about selling or renting your property out to tenants in order to identify and diagnose potential issues. Being aware of the different types of damage and problems that foundation inspections uncover can help you understand why you should consider having one done on your home.

Water Damage

Water and moisture that is allowed to seep into the foundation of your home can cause all sorts of complications. Water that has soaked into the concrete walls of your foundation can freeze and expand, causing cracking and crumbling that could allow pests, exterior temperatures and additional moisture to enter your home. Further, high humidity and outright leaks in your foundation can contribute to mold and mildew growth, which is a serious health concern that can quickly spread to other areas of your home. A foundation inspection will be able to determine if your foundation is suffering from moisture damage, identify the source and then suggests steps for you to take to prevent it from continuing.

Leveling Issues

Your foundation is supposed to sit level in order to prevent your home from shifting or being exposed to additional stress that can cause structural damage. If your home is no longer sitting level, it can place stress on your doors, windows, plumbing, and other related areas. In some cases, if your foundation has split or cracked, your home may be sitting on two sections of your foundation that are pulling away from each other, which can lead to cracking in the walls and ceiling of your property. Identifying these leveling issues early can allow supports to be installed to prevent serious structural damage from occurring.

Pest Infestations

Though rare, some homes can have foundations that are constructed partly or entirely out of wood. This is particularly concerning when it comes to potential pest infestations, as insects like termites and carpenter ants can infest the foundation and slowly break it down over time. This can make a collapse or other forms of damage much more likely to occur. An inspection will be able to determine if your foundation, if the rest of your home has been affected, and what steps need to be taken to support your weakened foundation before it can cause complications for the rest of your property. You will likely have to replace your current foundation with a concrete slab, or supports made out of materials other than wood.

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