Fridge Issues: Maintenance Tips And Repair Information

Is your refrigerator not operating at peak efficiency? This problem will inevitably happen to everyone at some point and, of course, it's extremely frustrating when your fridge won't work as it should. Here are some important maintenance tips that will help your refrigerator run smoothly and some key information about repair issues as well.


Maintaining your fridge is not difficult as long as you know what steps to take. One very simple task that is easy to overlook is making sure that your fridge has good airflow at the back. If your unit is flush will the wall, move it several inches away from the wall to ensure that air can flow freely behind it.

Another important task is to clean the condenser coils which can accumulate dirt and debris over time. You will find the coils at the bottom of the unit at either the back or the front. Simply take off the grille or cover and vacuum the coils with a brush attachment.

Keep the fridge's door seals clean and check them occasionally to make certain they fit tightly against the door. If the seals are loose, then cold air will escape from the unit and interfere with its cooling efficiency. To test the seals for tightness, place a dollar bill so that it's half inside and half outside the door with the door closed. The bill should not slide out easily. If it does, you may need new seals.

Your fridge will also need to kept at the right temperature to function at an optimal level. Set the thermostat to maintain the fridge section at 37 to 40 degrees and the freezer at 0 degrees.


Even if you maintain your fridge well, problems can always crop up as they do with any mechanical appliance. A frequently seen issue is trouble with the compressor, the device that moves refrigerant throughout the unit. Generally, if you hear a buzzing or humming noise, the compressor is the source of the problem. Often the trouble is with the compressor fan or the start relay. Also, the compressor itself may simply be at the end of its usefulness and need replacement.

Other common repair issues are a broken ice maker and a malfunctioning defroster motor.

The cost of repairing a refrigerator can vary depending on the specific problem. The cost can range from between $200 to $400 for a typical repair, according to the Angie's List website. To learn more, consult appliance maintenance services like Golden State Equipment Repair.