3 Things You Need To Do For Great Door Installation

If you are thinking about hanging a door on your own in your home, it can help to understand a few things about the door installation process. Installing a door is not as simple as slapping it in place and being done; it requires a certain level of skill and knowledge.

Shim the Door First

Before you hang the door, you need to put the door shims in place. Instead of placing the shims once the door is roughly hung up, you should place the shims before you hang up the door.

To do that, you will want to start by measuring and marking where the hinges will go on the door frame.

First, you are going to want to place the door shims at the location of the top and bottom hinge location. Use a long level to make sure that you place the door shims correctly. Once you have the top and bottom door shims in place, then you need to add the center door shim.

Setting the shims in place before you put up the door is a lot easier than the traditional method of putting them in place once the door is already hung up.  

Measure the Door

Second, you need to measure the door. Ideally, the door will fit nicely in the frame and clear the floor. However, the door may not clear the floor if you are replacing an old thick door, if the floor has been built up, or if there are multiple layers of wood on the floor. You want to measure the door to make sure that the door is the right height.

If the door is not the right height, you are going to want to add a spacer under the door. You should add the spacer before you install the door so that everything will fit correctly.  

Hide the Screws

Finally, you are going to want to hide the screws when you install the door. Visible screws can distract from the beauty of the new door that you just installed. You are going to want to take the weather stripping and pull it back on the side of the door where the latch is.

If you have a door that you need installed inside of your home, you can call up a door installation company, and they can come out and quickly install the door for you. They will be able to safely and effectively install the door.

For more information, contact a company that offers door installation services.